Gregor Jeraša, September 2020, Lumberjack BTS; photo by Marko Alpner

Gregor Jeraša


Professional lighting designer, tech, audio producer & event specialist. Honing my skills for more than 10 years in lighting, sound, rigging, stage construction and logistics. From the smallest venues in my hometown to the biggest festivals like Ultra Europe, I worked with famous names like Sašo Avsenik, Nina Pušlar, Big Foot Mama and countless more ...

I like to express my creativity with carefully planned designs, but when I am not managing an event or lighting up an artist in concert, I like to widen my skillset at a small DIY workshop in my garage. Creativity and hard work are my passion and usually, almost impossible and crazy ideas are my fault. I'm grateful for our crew, because I know we can pull them off. One way or the other.